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Life is good. Stop reading this and go enjoy it!
Well, I started writing a kind of journally thing a week or so ago. Not quite a proper journal, as its mainly just thoughts and ideas for future writings... I normally write it when I'm half asleep in bed so its 90% rambling and 17% illegible. But here I will put a couple of the story ideas, and if anyone likes them I may consider turning them into a proper story. I've left them as they were written in my book so not all of it will make complete sense.

-The bite of a vampire will almost never kill a human, and the venom will not instantly trasform one into a vampire. Most humans don't even realise they've been bitten- the sole purpose of a vampires venom is to heal the wound they make. Of course it will remain in the body- for about a month- and heal any other injuries sustained in that time before it is finally broken down by the human immune system. The only clause in which a human will become a vampire is if they are fatally injured, in which case the venom that remains in their bloodstream will attempt to completely heal the human but instead transform them into one of the humanoid monstsers that bit them. The strength and power of a vampire depends on the volume and concerntration of the venom left in their blood.
I myself am one of the most powerful vampires, 'dying' less than an hour after being infected. The blood had barely ceased to drip from my wrist and as I stumbled through the forests, lightheaded and alone, when some wild animal, prehaps attracted by the scent of blood, came to rip my throat out. Or at least this is what I have gathered from a blurred memory of trees, teeth blood and the pain. The pain stands clearest- it's the same for every story or most I have heard. Us vampires all have such tragic tales to tell- our short human lives so quickly snatched away from us, there cannot be a single one that died naturally in his/her sleep and simply woke up a vampire. I don't know if it's the pain of dying, or the pain of transforming that imprints itself on our minds so vividly.
Ah, I feel so rude, I have gabbled for so long that I forgot to introduce myself- my name is, at the moment, Alex Knight. I am about 25 years old but was born in prehaps the 5th or sixth century.

-As a young vampire , I was fairly well off. I never bothered to buy any kind of home for myself though- back then I would simply make my way around th country staying at various stately homes and mansions who were willing to entertain such a handsome young duke especially if there was an unmarried young lady in the home. At that time I acted like a classic vampire, sleeping through the day as my coach took me to the next party hosted by some lord whose daughters would soon be lacking in their blood and virtue. I never killed, the bites would heal so quickly and these maidens kept quiet most believing they had simply dreamt up my ungentlemanly visits in the night. I would always stay for breakfast and keep to the same level of courtesy that would grant me a place in their fathers hearts so easily.
It was on one of these visits that I met my princess, the one woman I wanted as my wife had the offer been open. I do not remember if she were a true royal but she certainly had the manner and the colossal sense of dignity that comes with it. She was cruel and witty and always to the point. It was clear that she ruled the household, by both smiles and threats she fought her way through life. She was the only child of a gentlemans first wife and a clear threat to his second. His second wife had been widowed young with a son (older than my princess) who was desparate to rule. This young man was the reason I lost her and his kindhearted mother the one who hid her from us both.

I have more, but my neck aches and my back aches and I need some tea now. Maybe I'll type the rest up later, or maybe not.
okay, so i have edited this account so that there are only a few snippets from my story on here- this is so i dont have to upload my work onto two sites. the rest of my work will be uploaded ONLY onto so if you want to read the rest or contact me in any way please do it though there. my username is exactly the same and heres a link to my homepage-…

thankyou, muchess love


*would like to add, i will probably be adding art and such on here, so if you have no interest in my story (*sobs*) you can ignore that message^
and thankyou very much for visiting my gallery ^.^ *bows*
um well im not so good at the whole 'journal' thing so heres just a nice little message that will probably be here for months on end without any change:

if you bother to read my story pleeeeease dont write a comment just saying its crap. at least say why- i like the whole constructive criticism thing it means i can change it to make it betterer. plus if you only want a small snippet to read before reading the whole thing, my favourite bit is the second part of chapter 6... or if you want to know the whole background/setting that all explained in chapter 2.

oh and check out the storys my writer friend michael jones has written on elfwood- the messenger, body farm and crimson night are all excellent as well as there being a bunch of short stories on there (the messenger is going to get published soon so you could even buy it if you want) i think i posted a link on here to his page on there...

uh yeah... thats it really... if you have any questions feel free to message me and suchlike...
and uh thanks for reading this...